In search of myself

I started two blogs at the same time. The other one,, was just a place to stick photos of my son and short stories of our lives. It was horror of horrors a mommy blog. Though I am loathe to admit I’ve sunk that far it is unmistakably indicative of that genre. So fine. I was the owner of a mommy blog. I could li e with that. It was just for the grandparents anyway. I was still me! And just to prove how still me I was I started this blog too. This blog that is not a mommy blog. This blog that’s supposed to be about what I think rather than what I do.

This blog that I haven’t had a single post for since the day I started it.

In a poignant bit of irony I find that I don’t know what to think about the fact that I no longer seem to have thoughts that aren’t about family, parenthood, or when absolutely necessary, about work. I don’t think parenthood has subsumed my identity. I don’t feel like I’m less of a person. And yet. Here’s this blog. This empty page. Waiting for thoughts that won’t come. I don’t have an answer for that. And as a person whose brain has never failed to supply me with an answer that scares me most of all.

One thought on “In search of myself

  1. Slowly finding everyone’s blogs. Had never heard the term “Mommy Blog” and I was unaware that it was a source of shame.

    Apparently I set up a Daddy Blog and I think it’s the coolest thing evar. So get down with your kid-obsessed self. 🙂

    (also, again, congrats on trial-passing. You rock).

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