Social Anxiety Stops Aging in Middle School

My office, being a distributed company with employees located all over the globe, has an annual week long get together that we call The Grand Meetup. This year’s Grand Meetup starts a week from today. It is also my first Grand Meetup.

This meetup, like any meetup at my company, is split between work time and ‘funsies’ time. How the work time will be spent is predetermined by the powers that be, but the fun stuff is slotted into blocks of time that we are expected to fill ourselves. The way this works is pretty straightforward. A spreadsheet is created for us. We are notified via email that we should add any activities we want to do (and be the leader responsible for making happen) to the spreadsheet. People then sign up to attend activities other people have added to the spreadsheet.

Since part of the Grand Meetup is happening in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to go see Beach Blanket Babylon with a group. The only time it fit in the schedule was at the same time the epic baseball game event was occurring, which meant that right out of the gate 75 of the 180 people at my company were out of the running. But I figured surely in the remaining 100 someone would want to go see this silly spoof of a musical revue.

So far only 5 people have signed up.

My brain has several salient things to say about this fact:

  • Having a really big group sign up would have been a hassle to coordinate
  • There’s no guarantee there would be enough tickets available if a larger group had wanted to attend
  • Most people prefer sports to theatre. This has not been news to me for a long, long time.
  • Some people probably haven’t even looked at the spreadsheet since it was first announced

My inner 13-year old has something to say about it too:


Is this a popularity contest? No. Are people choosing not to come to this because I’m the one that added it to the spreadsheet? No. Is this entire post a ridiculous example of hyper-self-focused anxiety and narcissism? Yes.  Does any of that make my inner 13-year old feel better?

Of course not.