Being in the Present

Last night I was snuggled into bed when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t set up the coffee to make itself magically and automatically this morning. There’s nothing more depressing than waking up in the morning and having to fumble around making coffee, and then WAITING for the pot to finish brewing, when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a steaming mug. So I popped right back out of bed to take care of this important chore.

By which I mean I reluctantly dragged myself out of my warm and comfortable bed to go back to the dark kitchen to grind some stupid coffee beans.

By which I mean I thought really hard about getting back up and then decided to just deal with it this morning.

Okay fine. I thought “screw that. I’m not getting up!” and rolled over to go to sleep.

This morning while I was cursing previous night me mightily, while sleepily setting up the coffee to make itself somewhat less magically, it occurred to me; present tense me is a real bitch. Present me is constantly adding crap to future me’s to do list. Further, present me often has some pretty rude thoughts about past me. Take this morning! Poor past me just wanted to be comfortable in bed. Did she deserve all the homicidal thoughts I was heaping on her head this morning? Certainly not. And when past me was present me was she sympathetic to the plight of future me? Not at all.

I’d like to put out a PSA to anyone reading this. If you ever find yourself thinking, “Cat is so annoying” or “bitchy” or “grumpy” or “lazy” or “insertwhateverdreadfulthingI’mdoingatthemoment” please be kind. You’ve unfortunately found yourself in a situation with present tense me. I promise you that once I’m a past tense problem I’ll look a lot better.