“I’ll Never Vote for Hillary!” Yeah, OK.

So much this. Legitimate, thinking, caring, liberal democrats, some of whom I personally know and like, dislike Hilary *because* she is a woman and DO NOT KNOW this is why they dislike her. That’s what ingrained cultural bias looks like. Not knowing you’re being misogynistic doesn’t change the fact that you are. If your explanation for dislike of Hilary runs in the direction of her being “too establishment”, “untrustworthy”, or “not likeable”, then you might as well just say you think she’s bossy, shrill, and should smile more. You dislike her because she’s a woman, not because she’s a bad candidate.

Bitter Gertrude

The latest installment of “The Internet Explodes with Hatred for Hillary Clinton” happened earlier this week, when HRC (whose own record on AIDS research and funding is better than any other candidate) mistakenly said that Nancy Reagan was a lowkey supporter of AIDS research, when Reagan was, in reality, a massive asshole about AIDS in every possible way. Clinton immediately apologized, then apologized again, at length. Yet we’re still seeing a wagonload of “I’ll never vote for her” from progressives, as if her words about Reagan trump (and I’m using that verb deliberately) her actual record on AIDS research and funding. Why?
Clinton’s stellar record on AIDS is ignored while people indignantly attack her for making an inaccurate statement. I like Bernie. I really do feel the Bern. But I see Democrats brush aside things he and other male politicians have done while raining fire on Hillary for…

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